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Some people decide to be their own realtor and try selling their homes themselves to "save the commission".  Well, it's not rocket science--if it was, I'd have a very different full time job.

The vast majority of "for sale by owner" signs are replaced by a real estate agents sign, not a sold sign. Most often, when an owner does sell their home, it takes longer and nets the owner less money than a good agent would have netted for the owner.

Selling FSBO can be a long, bumpy road, with new laws and loopholes the owner must be familiar with. And while interest rates are low, financing is a little more difficult and requires the agent "staying on top" of the situation.  You may have unqualified buyers messing up your home or simply showing up at your door unexpected at odd hours--or "standing you up".  They may promise to bring you an offer that never materializes--or bring an unrealistic, "low ball" offer.  And of course, they can't make a deposit now, but they will have the money "in a couple of weeks".

If your goal is to sell your property at the highest price, in the shortest amount of time, with the least inconvenience, and to net you the MOST MONEY, just call or text Bob Armstrong, 502.648.1918 today.    

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